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Practice Startup Services

What do I need to start my own practice?

Express Credentialing offers knowledge from both a small business perspective and from being in the credentialing business. We can help you be a successful medical startup.

We can assist with all aspects of a new medical practice startup.

Did you know that when starting your own practice, your ability to collect insurance reimbursement can be delayed months because you waited on the phone company to install your phone line? Launching a new practice is both exciting and daunting. When individuals decide to make the jump from practitioner to entrepreneur, most of their focus is on the big decisions, such as geographic location, leasing office space and staffing. All of those decisions are very important but there are many other smaller decisions that get overlooked or postponed. When it comes to starting your new practice, often times the sequence of these tasks is what matters most. Worse yet, mistakes and oversight during this early phase of your practice can often have a cascading effect in other areas, such as credentialing, that result in costly delays. There is no shortage of business startup services online and advertised on television. But none of them can provide assistance with the collective goal of your new practice contracting and credentialing in mind. Express Credentialing is different- our team of in-house professionals and partners will work together and assist you with every aspect of your budding practice.

Startup services require a lot of management and checklists - we can handle it.

Here are a few of the areas we provide assistance:

  • Corporate filings
  • Business and Healthcare Law
  • Obtaining a federal tax ID
  • Fictitious name registration
  • Organizational (Group) NPI setup
  • Virtual phone / fax / receptionist services
  • Logo / Branding
  • Web design and SEO
  • Billing and EHR systems