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How do I become a Medicare provider?

Express Credentialing are experts at the Medicare application process and can help your medical practice through it.

Provider with medicare patient who is happy her doctor accepts her Medicare plan and or Medicare Supplement Plan.

According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), more than 55 million Americans receive some form of coverage through Medicare. Providers looking to see traditional Medicare patients or participate in commercial plans that offer products like Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare enrollment is a crucial step in the credentialing process. Express Credentialing has years of experience enrolling providers of every type and specialty with every aspect of the Medicare application process including Medicare Part A Facility enrollments, Medicare Part B individual and group enrollments, Medicare supplier enrollments (DMEPOS), Medicare EFT, Reassignment and Revalidation. Although paper applications are still accepted, Express Credentialing exclusively utilizes the Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System or PECOS. This method provides the greatest ability to track submission, status and receive approvals.

The Medicare PECOS enrollment process can be challenging and with recent changes to the NPPES NPI system, the process of is more complex than ever before. For those of us with years of experience with Medicare enrollment, the process of setting up a new NPI profile to eventually obtaining an individual PTAN or group PTAN and everything in between is more efficient than ever. Unfortunately, many individual providers and practice organizations can hardly remember how to access their NPI profile, let alone complete the necessary steps in the Identity and Access Management System to link these accounts together and begin the process of Medicare enrollment or Medicare revalidation. To make matters worse, local Medicare contractors are often prohibited from providing specific answers to your Medicare enrollment questions. Express Credentialing is your trusted partner in the confounding process of enrolling in Medicare. Express Credentialing offers a variety of service options, customized for your specific enrollment situation and all for one flat fee.

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