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Medicaid Provider Enrollment Services

How do I become a Medicaid provider?

Express Credentialing Specialists will handle the specific enrollment process for your state Medicaid program.

In recent years, most states have started moving many State Medicaid patients into public or private HMO plans. But whether you plan to bill your state’s Medicaid program directly, bill thorough a Medicaid HMO or both, you must first be enroll as a Medicaid provider to eligible to participate. Although Medicaid provider enrollment shares some similarities with Medicare enrollment, the Medicaid enrollment process varies greatly from state to state. Express Credentialing works with virtually every state Medicaid program in the country. Whether your state employs a temperamental online application system or still requires a stack of paper applications, Express Credentialing will tackle your individual provider Medicaid enrollment and/or group Medicaid enrollment process. Express Credentialing will complete all online and/or paper applications and manage the process until the enrollment process is complete. So unless your schedule is open for the next six months, let Express Credentialing handle your Medicaid provider enrollment for a low flat fee and in a fraction of the time.

Express Credentialing can help with applying for Medicaid for any state to remove the paperwork and headache from you - the provider or the office manager.