IRS Form CP 575 is a computer generated form issued to you by the IRS when you applied for your Employer Identification Number (EIN). 
What is IRS form CP 575?
Why do I need form CP 575?
Can I use a W-9 instead?
Most Medicare and Medicaid applications require a copy of this form be included with applications upon submission during the credentialing process.
No. A W-9 is completed by the provider and will not replace the CP 575 which is issued by the IRS and proof that an EIN or TIN is assigned to a specific provider or entity.
What if I lost my CP 575 form?
No problem. If you cannot find the original form CP 575 you were issued by the IRS, you can obtain a replacement form. However, the specific CP 575 form is computer generated and another CP 575 cannot be re-issued.  Instead, the IRS will send you a Form 147-C in its place. The 147-C is proof of EIN and will satisfy the requirements for Medicare and Medicaid.
How do I  obtain a copy of form 147-C?
Help with IRS Forms CP 575  &  147-C
Providers can obtain a copy of form 147-C by calling the IRS Business Helpline at (800) 829-4933. Identifying information is required to obtain the form from the IRS.  If you need to authorize a third party to obtain a copy of Form 147-C on your behalf, an authorized company representative must complete Form 8821 which will be sent by fax to an IRS representative.      For more information visit
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